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Empower your Marketing with 90min Consultation

From Overwhelm to Having Fun Growing Your Business with Digital Marketing

A 90 min Marketing Consultation designed to help you create and implement your mini digital marketing plan with guidance. Let me guess…

You KNOW you’re meant to reach more people with your creative talent and gifts?

But you’re overwhelmed with all the opportunities the internet brings to your business.

“Social media, Branding, Content Strategy - should I be on Instagram or Linkedin, or both? Should I write articles, do videos, or post cute photos of my children?" Sounds like you?

In my 90 min Markerting Consultation, I will teach you exactly how you can use digital marketing to reach more people with your business so you can make more money doing what you love.


This marketing consultation is perfect for you if:

•You have a business already, whether you’re a coach, photographer, designer, consultant or any other service-based business

•You want to use social media and your online presence to organically grow your audience and attract more people to your brand

After our session together, you’ll walk away with:

•A clear strategy on how you will use digital marketing in your business

•A structured process to plan, implement, and evaluate your digital marketing .

Here’s what will be included in the 90 min Marketing Consultation:

•Marketing Analyse

•Goal Settings

•A Mini-Marketing Plan

Keen to get started?


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