About me

Well, hello there - it’s so nice to meet you!

My name is Tania Jackson, and if you don’t know me yet, here are 5 fun facts about me:

• I think I’m really, really funny, even if my husband doesn’t agree

•My secret talent is cutting people’s hair - my friends tell me I’m like a professional hairdresser even though I have never learned how to cut hair!

•I’m obsessed with buying coffee beans and mugs wherever I go, but don’t you dare give me weak or crap coffee

•Even though I work in the digital world, I still can't work out how to use the remote control, which my family thinks is hilarious, especially when I’m trying to watch something on TV

•I’m crazy about planning - I don’t think there’s been a single day in my life where I haven’t woken up and said to my family “What's the plan for today?”

In my professional life, I’m the founder of Red Idea, a London-based digital marketing agency, where we help brands and businesses create impactful digital marketing strategies, build beautiful websites, and create powerful branding so that our clients can stand out from the crowd.

I’m also a lecturer at Birkbeck University in London, mentor business students at the University of Arts, and work as a course instructor for the Hammersmith & Fulham Council in London. Teaching and empowering others has always been a passion of mine - which is why I’m so excited about expanding my work to helping women in business.

Growing up with a mother who was incredibly clever but just didn’t have the support or environment to see her gifts come to fruition, I’ve seen it firsthand: women need other women to lift them up. Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless women not realising their incredible gifts and genius: talented, fabulous, brilliant minds who just don’t believe in themselves or are fearful of just starting somewhere. We are serving no one if we are playing small. It’s my mission to change that.

As a mother of two, trust me, I really know what juggling commitments and running a business at the same time feels like! In my free time (when I have it!) (oh, wait there’s not much time left you’d think, right? You’re almost right!) I love hanging out by the beach, swimming, walking and spending time with my crazy husband and my two wonderful monsters (children), and we also have two rabbits, Flopsy and Mopsy.

As you probably know by now, there’s a reason why I’m known for my approach of "Always Have a Plan”. If you want to have a business that truly thrives with digital marketing having a good plan is INEVITABLE.

You can always do more, post more, think about it more, but most importantly, it’s key to find what works for you, use your strengths, and then take action consistently. Rinse and repeat. And until you get there, it’s my mission to help you do that so your business can create more income, more impact and you’re having fun doing it!

So, over to you: Do you have a plan?

No? Let’s make one. I got you.

Book a free discovery call with me - I’d love to hear more about your business.


What my clients say about working with me

  • Going into Tania’s class, I had zero experience in Marketing. With her programme, Tania covers a lot of ground, but she does more than that: she gives you a foolproof plan for your business and your online presence. While the amount of material may seem daunting at first, the weekly exercises allow you to fully understand where you are at and lead you to create and implement your plan. Tania offers a lot of support and finds solutions tailored to your sector of activity, in a cheerful, upbeat way, that can only motivate you to empower your business online.
    Marie-Jeanne Vanleynseele
    Conference Interpreter & Event Organiser and Operator
  • Tania is very efficient, knowledgeable and productive in her work. She has provided a valuable service which I would highly reccomend to anyone. Her work ethics are very professional as she is very dedicated, competent, hardworking and reliable.
    Nicola Desnoes
    Fashion Designer at Nicol DeNoir™
  • Tania at Red Idea leads a results driven and creative team of graphic designers, digital marketing and web building experts. She got the team to understand my project requirements, helping them to skilfully implement my brief. Her recent work created a website that me and users love. I had used Red Idea before and look forward to calling on Tania's help again in the near future.
    Glenis Wade
    L7 DA Senior Leader MBA
  • “Tania has a depth knowledge of marketing. She is highlyorganised and creative. Her enthusiasm and energy is verycontagious. I would recommend Tania to anyone looking for helpand advice in SEO field without hesitation.
    Paulina Linkiewicz
    Owner, Paulina Linkiewicz
  • Tania's enthusiasm for a project is fantastic. She made every effort to understand my business and my needs for the website etc. Tania liased well with the web designer whilst my website was being built and was patient with my ongoing questions and understood my need to ensure that everything was spelt correctly and grammatically correct. Tania displayed a clear understanding of social media and how it interacted with my sector.
    Cressida Burnet
    Civil & Commercial CEDR Accredited Mediator. Barrister
  • Tania is very efficient, highly organised and really helped to getboth my projects going. She has some excellent ideas on how tomarket and promote businesses. Her design and technical skillsare first rate. I would happily recommend her.
    Anastasia Baker
    Managing Director at Night Nannies and Director of Intern Partnership
  • I have hired Tania to create my company logo and what a create result.. Tania is very efficient, knowledgeable and productive in her work.She is extremely up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, and did work very hard to make sure I was happy with the final result. I recommend Tania to anyone looking for advise and help with marketing strategies.
    Gabrielle Padilha Assoc CIPD
    HR Officer at Cleeve School
  • Tania is detail-oriented manager, who absolves a briefing veryquickly and effectively, she understands the big picture of aproject without losing sight of the details. Follow-through anddelivery good results are two of her strengths. We would certainlyrecommend Tania as a professional.
    Carminha Cece De Castro
    Director at Bilateral Consultancy and Event Management
  • Tania and Team have helped us with many aspect of our companymarketing and have always delivered a fantastic result. Tania isreally creative and really understands the needs of our company. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any successful business
    Marie-Laure Preynat
    CEO and Founder at Easy Gourmet Ltd
  • Tania is a very focused and extremely passionate about her work. She will always ensure that your interest is served to the highest standard ensuring you get leads from your social media campaigns and SEO strategies. She helped me immensely by identifying the areas where I needed support to enhance my company profile. It is definitely worth investing in someone who is always ensuring your interests are best served and has a great passion to serve you well. 
    Shila Shah
    Customer Experience Consultant
  • Tania and her team designed the new logo for our software technology Devito. I was delighted by how she took the time to listen and understand the vision behind our technology. Within two design iterations, my team felt she had nailed it. I was impressed by her responsiveness to our time scales and her proactiveness.
    Gerard Gorman
    Data intensive high performance computing from Supercomputing to Cloud
  • Tania has the rare ability to mix fantastic creative with incredibly sound business knowledge. Having used the services of many marketing employees and agencies over the years in our businesses, it has never been an easy task to find anyone to understand our operations in enough detail to provided targeted and effective support. During the time we worked together Tania was an invaluable asset, time and again implementing real improvements in marketing, creative and sales strategies which reflected in increased workflow. I can recommend the services of Tania and Red Idea wholeheartedly, her knowledge and experiences will show benefit to any business.
    Duncan Graham
    MD at Technical Windows Films and MD at TWF Signs
  • Very good info on social media, and a few strategies to get seen online.
    Natasha William
  • We need more of Tania Jackson!
    Jennifer James
  • Gordon Algo
    Excellent presenter, clear, concise, funny ( in a good way)
    Gordon Algo
  • Engaging speaker. Great practical information and I can go on use for business. I learned a great deal. Thank you. 
    Jiliams Willians
  • Tripti Khetty
    Really grateful! It's open my eyes to a whole new world. 
    Tripti Khetty
  • Gosia
    Very insightful session, also very professional but fun!
  • Suelli Bomfim
    This workshop strengthened that I need to invest more in knowledge and marketing for my company, and I really want to work with Tania to leverage my company.
    Suelli Bomfim
  • Leomar Oliveira
    I have to thank you for the day I spent and for being so informative. Tania is an excellent person, very professional and friendly. This workshop was a big step that I took to bring my company to success. Thank you very much, Tania!
    Leomar Oliveira
  • Catarina Gaspar
    An excellent course. Very informative, full of innovation, and examples straight from the working world adapted to the students. Full of slides that you can then go over at home to put ideas in place and orient yourself.
    Catarina Gaspar
  • Carol Fustivos
    The event exceeded my expectations! In addition to having excluded many doubts and confirming a lot of the ideas and goals that I have for my company. And it was also clear what action I have to take and what I needed to leverage my business.
    Carol Fustivos
  • Elaine Valicheki.
    I loved your workshop and know you; I hope to be able to work with you soon.
    Elaine Valicheki.
  • Tasha Lutz
    The information was clear and accurate! Thanks, many successes!!!
    Tasha Lutz
  • Joaquina Kunz
    It was a wonderful day, I learned a lot. I loved his way of teaching, simple and very competent. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for all the care and simplicity.
    Joaquina Kunz
  • Cibele Moraes
    Excellent Event! I learned a lot about various topics that I had doubts, now put into practice. Thank you!
    Cibele Moraes
  • Isabella Baumgartner
    I am very happy with this workshop; I got a lot of learning.
    Isabella Baumgartner
  • Heloisa Marques
    I learned a lot and guided me to what I should use and how to do it on social networks.
    Heloisa Marques
  • Ana Paula Rodrigues
    I really liked the event, I take a lot of wisdom, and knowledge with these marketing tools, Professor Tania was very excluding, objective and friendly.
    Ana Paula Rodrigues
  • Monica Dupont
    I'm extremely happy for the opportunity to participate in this course. A whole new horizon opens up, an awesome network and the best teacher—a course much expected since the last event.
    Monica Dupont
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